Recently, I made the move to New York. Now I'm living in a smaller space than usual so unfortunately my setup can't be as extravagant as it was. I'm limited to a decently sized monitor (maybe two or a thin ultra wide) at a desk. It's not as comfortable though, so my bed has become the new office spot.

So begins my quest to boost my productivity while being lazy in bed, or arguably more lazy in general.

Turns out there isn't much available for well-maintained cross-platform software for extending or mirroring your computer's display. I came across something called SpaceDesk.

It's a client-server model software for extending or mirroring computer displays. It does more though, it also offers mouse control from the client (mirror display) to server (mirrored display) and vice versa. In addition, it also features support for iOS, Android, Amazon (not too sure what this is, it's just listed though), Windows, and for anything else with a modern browser!

Setup is super easy:

  1. Download the driver (server) software on the device you want to act as the original display
  2. Download the client software on the device you want to act as the mirror or extened display
  3. Using the client or html5 spacedesk viewer, enter the network address of the main device

So far SpaceDesk has worked flawlessly. I'm currently using it cross-platform with my one laptop running Windows and the other Linux. I couldn't have be happier! My initial thoughts going into solving this problem were not optimistic ones especially with some of the macgyver solutions I saw people coming up with. I'm very happy that I was able to find something with such a simple, straightforward, and painless setup.