Refund Policy - If you are unhappy with the way the service is currently going, you may request cancellation, thereby halting any further development. There are two conditions that need to be met for a full-refund to be carried out, the first is that development on the said application should already be completed and the second it should not be over the 30-day threshold in which you can request a refund. If the request is sent during development and the other half of the payment has not yet been paid, you may keep that half, and the developer will keep the other. Should the developer be put in the situation where he is unable to make a full refund, the consumer (client or customer) should provide a 10-15 day threshold in which the developer can use to refund the consumer.

Work Policy - Work days include Monday - Friday, if you are not satisfied with progress you are free to request cancellation of the service (refer to "Refund Policy" above). The deadline that was given to you or stated should serve as a guideline for when the application should be completed, school and other activities that are prone to slow the development process have been factored into this time, however as noted earlier, it should only serve a as a guideline. If you request an immediate and explicit deadline, we are required to follow through with it, however if nothing of that nature is stated during the negotiation process we are not explicitly bound to follow through with the deadline.

Bad Service and/or Incomplete Service Policy - If the application delivered does not serve the purpose that was noted in the negotiation process, you may request project cancellation (for more details, refer to "Refund Policy" above). Before requesting a cancellation it is strongly suggested that you confront the developer about any of the issues you have so you can resolve the issue without problems. If the developer is unwilling to make said changes, you should then request a project cancellation. The refund process should work the same as stated above.