Recently, I have been looking to expand my blogging presence and move from Hexo to a proper CMS platform. Hexo was great for the time that I used it. It was cheap (free actually - it's statically hosted!), easy to use (markdown supported), and offered a variety of plugins and themes to pick from.

However, Hexo is entirely CLI based meaning that there is no admin area. This makes it especially difficult to produce content when I'm not at home, impossible in fact. This wasn't much of a concern initially because I really only wrote 1 or 2 posts every couple months. Now that I'm looking to ramp up and produce more content I feel I should also upgrade. So here we are with Ghost.

So far, I really like it! There are a few things that I wish I had known were not completed before installing, for example Apps. Regardless, I'm much happier with the admin area (It has a dark theme!) and I can be much more productive in creating content.

I don't have any direction for where I want to take this blog, I use it more as a coping mechanism for when I'm stressed out or want to narrate an experience in my life. I would like to create more educational content in the future though, like tutorials in regards to system administration and web development but for now I'm happy with what I write.

In conclusion, I'm happy with the switch and I look forward to the future endeavors that this new platform holds!