I recently made the switch to Pop! OS which has been smoothly sailing so far, however, its ecosystem has also introduced some new tools to me. Most notably flatpak. Package managers like it beyond the distro-provided one never really stood out to me except for developer-oriented ones such as npm or cargo.

Flatpak sandboxes its application configs to prevent unwanted access between applications, however, this also results in a change in the typical storage location in contrast to the binary install. Given these changes, here are the new steps to install plugins (Note I'll be using Advanced Scene Switcher as an example, however, this is applicable to most plugins):

  1. Navigate to Flatpak OBS Studio configuration directory using ~/.var./app/com.obsproject.Studio/config/obs-studio/plugins
  2. If it does not exist, create plugins directory
  3. Create advanced-scene-switcher directory. Generally, name the directory after the plugin you're intending to install
  4. Create bin/64bit directories.
  5. Put the plugin's .so file in bin/64bit. ex: bin/64

Your directory structure starting with root OBS Studio configuration directory in Step 1 should look like this:

├── plugins
│   └── advanced-scene-switcher
│       └── bin
│           └── 64bit
│               └── advanced-scene-switcher.so

After installing and running OBS, plugin settings will be stored in ~/.var./app/com.obsproject.Studio/config/obs-studio/plugin_config