My name is Sean. I am a freelance full-stack web developer based in Brooklyn, NY.

I am 17 years old and have big aspirations for the future. I look forward to discovering new and innovative ideas and using my skills to create and refine them.

In the future, I want to have built a comfortable life for myself with time to dedicate to building websites, apps, scripts, and more. I want to support the digital era as much as possible.


Around the age of 9, I had already been building mods for Minecraft and had experience coding with Java. I wanted to branch out and explore other avenues where coding was involved and found myself in the world of website design and development.

I dedicated myself to learning about it, often times taking short hiatuses, but I kept at it. I discovered sites like Code Academy and youtube channels like LearnCode.Academy which I followed for short periods of time. I had a hard time learning from sources like those, mostly because my expectations were that they were the big book of answers. Looking back on it now, I realized that they served as important platforms that gave me exposure to many of the terms and paradigms that circulated the industry.

Around age 11, I found people who had similar aspirations to me and occasionally collaborated, honing my skills that would become the foundation for my future as a full-stack web developer. I learned about all aspects of web development from frontend to backend.

Since then, I have continued to progress my career into web development and have found much success as a young freelancer and entrepeneur. On the other hand, I have suffered several failures with each subsequent one forcing me to rethink why I enjoyed web development in the first place. In fact, there are one of these failures that I consider is most important. It wasn't directly related to a specific project but instead was a failure in the direction I wanted to go with regards to my future.

As I found success with many projects I worked on as a freelancer, monetary compensation became paramount to me. In a short period of time, I went from making things driven by my passion to simply doing it for money. I saw everything as a job and soon began to make little effort towards expanding my knowledge and progressing in any way.

I am 17 now and still rediscovering why I love web development in the first place.

What motivates me?

I love coding. It's really as simple as that. I get excited about it when I think about it. Menial tasks throughout the day often are spent thinking about refactoring or creating new projects or learning a new programming language.

It's both my hobby and my job and because of that my work-life balance is far off-balance. That's okay though. I have time to spare for that right now and that's precisely why I'm motivated to keep working. I want to use the abundance of time I have now to learn as much as I can and be career-driven 150 percent of the time. Because of this, I will have built a comfortable life at a young age so I can enjoy the life part of the work-life balance.

There are other motivators though. Another important one is often based on the project. All of my projects are picked based on how I feel about them, honestly. I want to feel good about working on a project, I want to feel good about having that project be a representation of the work that I do and will continue to do. And most of all I want to see that project prosper - whatever goal I have for it - I want to see it succeed or at least grow.

As you can see, I work heavily influenced by my ideals. This has actually become a recent change in past months, prior to a shift in mindset, I was purely interested in making as much money as possible. I worked ridiculous hours and many projects at a time and became an objective robot, it was nice because it surely paid off but I wasn't really happy. Now I can still be a robot but at least I can work for myself and for the future.