A great New Year's Eve

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone.

I’d like to start by saying I had an absolutely wonderful New Year’s Eve. I had a fun time hanging out with my family and friends.

The day started out like any other boring day. Nothing special. We decided to take a trip to Iowa City to remedy some dental issues which haven’t been dealt with yet. Anyway, once that was taken care of my mother suggested that we hang at my brother’s place for a little bit. No harm done right?

Wrong. Very fucking wrong. This happens every single damn time that I am with my mother and another family member, doesn’t matter who, they just have to be a jack ass. Let’s get started by saying the conversation was completely based around me and every single motherfucking fault you could find down to the microscopic level.

What’s this? You wanted to have a nice day? Haha, you’re a fucking fool you! We’re gonna sit here and shit all over you because you’re the outlier and you can go fuck yourself. That right there is an apt description of what it is like to be around my family members and typically why I absolutely despite being around them. The same reason goes for people who are always saying “You’re mother is so nice!” or “You have such a nice family.” Cut the bullshit, leave me alone, and stop talking about me you presumptuous fuck.

There hasn’t been a single time in the entirety of my life where conversations with family members were not mocking me or reminiscing on what I used to be like. Too bad, I’ve changed, times change, DEAL WITH IT. There’s nothing you can do, wanna talk about me? Do it somewhere else. I don’t need my psyche convoluted with all this bullshit about how I don’t do this or how I used to do that but I’ve changed oh so much. I’m SO sorry that your little cute boy that used to clean everything isn’t that same person.

Here’s a wake up call and maybe a call-to-action if you’re smart enough to take it the opportunity. Relish what you have now, because I can tell you right now, once I’m gone. I’m fucking gone. Fuck family reunions, fuck get-togethers, fuck picnics. Fuck everything that has to do wtih you. I AM GONE.

I have a very keen ability to avoid the shit out of something I don’t like, and trust when I say I will practice hardcore on you. Let me open you a little bit into what it’s like in my world and how I deal with things:

You need to understand, I’m an incredibly angry person. You may not know it, but on the inside the smallest things will push me into a rage who’s only remedy is to let it pass.

Next, you need to realize that I am the way I am and there is no changing me. I’ve experienced things in my life that have changed the way I think, the way I interact. I’m in a perfectly comfortable place and I will not change for anything, because fuck you.

Finally, if I don’t like you. I’ll make it painfully clear. Whether it’s complete avoidance, abrupt endings, or bluntly “I don’t like you, I don’t care about you, so don’t talk to me.”

I know there’s several of you reading this probably going “What? What the hell? Is this what he’s really like?”

Yes sir. You’ve got that right, buddy. Now fuck right off back to whatever you were doing. If you’re one of those people who are offended by explicit language, I gave you a forewarning. You made the choice to read this blog and if you dare comment about it, I will not spare a single detail about my hate for you.

There’s only a few select people that I truly care to be around, those people are Me. Myself, and I.

Happy New Year’s Eve and hope for many more.