Some of you may know that I play Minecraft occasionally as a past time for when I’m bored. I prefer playing multiplayer minigames instead of singleplayer though and one of my favorite servers to play on is Hypixel. I have played Hypixel’s remake of Quake, Quakecraft, for almost 4 years now. Over the time I’ve watched the game and quality of updates degrade and it’s pretty sad.

To be fair, there has always been issues with lag in the past, however it wasn’t as bad as it is now. It’s nearly impossible to play a game with out being “rubber banded” every few seconds, which basically means the server resets your position because packets were dropped, or their anticheat wanted to be useful for once. Anyway, I’ve put up with it as I don’t really play Quakecraft actively anymore, however for the few times that I do play it throughout the week it’s become increasingly noticeable that Quakecraft is either hosted on some fucking zimbabwean servers at the center of the god damned earth.

It’s funny, really. If you consider the fact that Hypixel can support thousands and thousands of players on their BedWars and SkyWars gamemodes, but can’t handle a 12-player game of Quakecraft. What really pisses me off is that players have voiced their opinions about the changes to Quakecraft, it seems as if Hypixel has put it on the backburner as the playerbase has grown smaller due to the lack of updates and quite frankly the lack of quality gameplay.