Incompetent people and companies

Do you love not receiving a service you paid for? Enjoy clicking “Resend Confirmation Email” 15 times only to receive none? Are you looking for a completely unreliable service?

Look no further.

There’s hundreds, no, thousands of companies out there looking to provide such glorious features. Like many, this particular company, which shall remain unnamed, has provided those lovely set of features described above. I’ve never seen a company provide such amazing and spontaneous service in all the years I’ve been buying shit from other people.

All jokes aside, fuck every company that manages to fuck up simple things. If a 16 year old kid sitting in his bedroom programming random shit can make a more reliable and stable service than you, then you’re doing something very wrong.

I don’t care if your company scales to hundreds, or hundreds of thousands, or millions of people. If you are serving that many, that means your infrastructure should be able to handle it. You should be investing in making sure that your infrastructure remains stable, secure and reliable. It doesn’t matter if you need to dish out 100K or 5MM, according to relativity, if your company is serving a large amount of people, they should in turn be able to pay out large sums of money for the benefit of the company, right?

Wrong. We’re all greedy assholes, so we look for ways to cut corners. We outsource work to other backwater companies to make our “99.9% Uptime, Highly Secure Service”, and guess what. When we get fucked in the ass, we’ll always find someone else to blame.

Anyway, I digress, fuck every company that makes uninformed decisions, hire incompetent contractors, outsource to third-party companies, or cut corners to save a buck. No seriously, fuck you. If you can’t make a simple promise that you guaranteed on your website, then you lied to me and I don’t trust you. I never will. You took my money. You’re nothing short of a despicable, rambunctious, disreputable little shit who decided to steal Little Timmy’s lunch money.

Fuck you, fuck your company, fuck your employees.

Eat shit.