Moved to Hexo

Recently I’ve been wanting to document what I do and things I learn.
I’d been using platforms like Medium for that, however I decided to use github
pages. I chose github pages because it would not only allow me to host for free,
but also customize and manage my content and a structure and easy workflow.

Personally I enjoy working in the terminal so it’s nice being able to look my
blog on my local machine and deploy to github when I feel everything is right.

Initially, I had my doubt about using github pages for my website, I had
experimented with Jekyll a bit and found it to be quite troublesome. Moving on,
I figured I might as well try my hand at some other static site generators,
and so I came upon Hexo.

Hexo lets me create and manage my website easily through plugins and themes,
it’s not nearly as cumbersome and bloated as Jekyll and the work flow still
remains super simple. I’m absolutely in love with Hexo and I really can’t
foresee any issues.

In conclusion, I just realy love Hexo. It’s so nice and simple and this was a
test blog. Thanks for reading :)